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Scattershot 2011-02-25

Random shots around the web: The state of Illinois has made it even easier for you to pay them to get your right to drive back after they take it away from you without bothering to convict you of a crime. Meanwhile in D.C., changes in drunk driving arrest procedures set up officers for a […]

A Brief Note About the World

There’s obviously a lot more going on in the world than I’ve been blogging about. I pick topics not based on whether they’re important, but on whether I have something to say. I don’t know much about the Middle East, so what could I say about the struggle for freedom there? What could I say […]

The Chicago Code – Episode 3: Gillis, Chase and Baby Face

Now that Steve Graham has given me a nice shout-out in mentioning that I’ve been blogging about The Chicago Code, I feel obligated to say something about last night’s episode. Actually, I’ll start with my wife’s review: “That one didn’t suck.” Yeah, this was a pretty good episode. It made better use of the modern […]

Some Dog-Sniffing Math

In one of his posts today, New York criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield writes about the error rate for drug-sniffing dogs: More to the point was the dog hits simply aren’t anywhere nearly as worthy of credit as courts have held. Consider whether it would be equally acceptable for a cop to flip a coin […]

The Chicago Code – Episode 2: Hog Butcher

I finally got around to watching the second episode of The Chicago Code last night. The opening titles and music were different, which confirms that the first episode was a true pilot, created long before the next episode. Otherwise, my impression is about the same: It’s not great, but I could get used to it, […]

Scattershot 2011-02-14

Random shots around the web: Homeland Security can seize domain names? WTF? A little bit of crime facilitating speech (?) from Steve Graham (useful to the 420 crowd). More Venn diagram humor. Gang fight caught on video. Now matter how awful I think our criminal justice system is, I can always count on the crimlaw blogosphere […]

On the Blogging Gender Gap Kerfuffle

So a few days ago Mike Cernovich at Crime & Federalism addressed the (apparently common) question of why women are underrepresented in the legal blogosphere. Everyone gets very concerned for women, who apparently are being prevented from blogging. Who is preventing women from blogging? No one says. Well, it’s “men,” we are told. Mike calls […]

A Long Post About Flat-Fee Lawyering

I don’t know what Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett’s politics are, but over the past couple of months he’s been experiencing a classic example of the sort of thing that turns people into libertarians: Out of the blue, the government–in the form of the State Bar of Texas–wants to outlaw his business model. He usually […]

The Chicago Code – First Thoughts

I took a look at the pilot episode of The Chicago Code last night and…didn’t hate it. It’s got some of potential. Minor spoilers follow. (As I write this, you can watch the pilot episode for free here.) It’s not what I was hoping for. That’s because what I was hoping for was The Wire: […]

Cleaning Up the Snow

Chicago got hit by a pretty big snowstorm this week. I suppose I’d know just how big if I’d been paying attention to the news, but those people drive me crazy. What are they calling it? “Snowmaggedon”? “Snowpocalypse”? “Snowlocaust”? Bah. Look, it’s not that this wasn’t a big snowstorm. It was huge. It’s got to […]

Oh My God, Chicago Has a Criminal Defense Blogger!

Back in July of 2009, I declared myself the Greatest Criminal Defense Blogger in Chicago. This was not a boast, it was a lament. I am not a lawyer, and most of my posts have nothing to do with criminal defense. Yet I seemed to be blogging more about criminal defense than any actual Chicago […]