An open letter to


I hope you die. I hope you die violently. I hope people rise up and tear you apart piece by piece with their bare hands as you scream in tormented agony.

Nah, just kidding.

However, I just saw your repulsive promotional video. Maybe killing innocent men, women, and children in the name of environmentalism seems like dark, edgy humor to you, but I think you should consider that you’re running a global initiative, and some of the countries you list on your home page are the kinds of places where in living memory innocent men, women, and children really were murdered by smug, repulsive bastards to serve somebody else’s great cause.

In closing, fuck you. And this time I mean what I’m saying.

[Addendum: The internet is full of people who complain about what other people are saying to gain political points, but really, take a look at the promotional video. It’s…man, I’ve never seen anything like that.]

Update: Changed my mind. Not about the “fuck you” part, I still mean that very sincerely. But I’m starting to get hopeful about you dying. Not at anybody else’s hand, but by your own. Your whole 10:10 carbon reduction plan is so stupid that it wouldn’t surprise me if your entire team accidentally got themselves killed in an unfortunate piano moving incident.

Update: Actually, even though wishing doesn’t make it so, it’s probably unkind of me to hope you die violently and painfully. So I want you all to die happy. Perhaps by autoerotic asphyxiation.

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  1. That “promotional” video was neither funny or did nothing in the way of making me want to do anything in the way of helping them or their sick orginization. May you and your bunch of eco-Taliban slowly choke on a veggie burger while meter maids have your double parked hybrids towed and then sold for scrap for their REAL value ! Your no better than a suicide bomber or some terrorist scum planting a roadside I.U.D. using your type of persuasion to prey on the minds of the unsuspecting. Helping this planet will only happen when individuals change in their hearts and minds and WILLINGLY want to bring about change. Not your sick ugly minded way. . .

  2. If is a REAL climate-change advocacy group, they are the most misguided and stupid people ever and should, at the very least, disband their organization permanently.

    If this is a FAKE climate-change advocacy group set up by Big Oil specifically to undercut the credibility of climate-change advocacy, then they are extremely clever. This plays directly into the absurd fears of the little weiners who want to pretend that someone suggesting we reduce energy consumption means we’re going to, well, start killing people who disagree with us.

    It’s SO over the top, especially beginning as it does with children, that it is almost easier to believe this is a fake group. Because it’s distressing to believe that anyone could be so stupid as this video suggests.

  3. Albatross, I know. My first thought was that this was a parody of some kind. Then I thought maybe it was a fake anti-environmentalist hit job.

    What finally made me decide this was “real” is that it’s only a small (and quickly removed) piece of what seems to be an otherwise unremarkable environmentalist web site. If this is some kind of espionage by the opposition, they seem to have gone to a lot of trouble just to set up the background legend. I would have expected more repulsive content on the web site.

    I put “real” in quotes above because even if the people behind 10:10 are sincere, I don’t think they’re part of the mainstream environmental movement. I suspect they are a relatively small group, and while the movie may reveal something about their views and values, it says little about environmentalists in general.

  4. It’s not s “fringe” – this was a highly-produced video, by a major group, and not unique of it’s kind (other environmentalist groups have made similarly despicable videos), by a prominent organization that received government funding for…precisely this promotional video.

    Yes, it is both narcissistically smug and sociopathically insane. But this is our modern mainstream at work.

  5. Oh, of course they’re not mainstream. They are just a way-out fringe collection of nuts who just happen to be able to get professional film directors and various celebrities on board, and partnerships with major newspapers (The Guardian) and with groups like ActionAid, which receives heavy funding from the government.

    Head over to the Guardian’s article on the film, and you can see in the comments section where self-proclaimed environmentalists are applauding this thing like seals, calling it brilliant and hilarious.

    None of this means that all environmentalists endorse this thing; the rational ones are as appalled as everyone else. But it is worrying to think about how many hands this movie passed through in its conception, production, and distribution, and apparently NO ONE stopped to think, “Gee, is there something wrong with this?”

  6. I predicted something like this back in October of 2009.

    But because rational persons, who naturally refuse to believe the nonsense emitted by environmentalists, will not voluntarily limit the number of children they have — so that a bunch of moral parasites can feel good about themselves — there will be open calls for limitation of “breeders” by force. This will be followed, by those true believers in power, by the actual exercise of force to control breeding, through forced abortions and sterilization. Which in turn will be followed by the elimination of those “breathers” who are deemed by Environmentalist Elites (the Elect of Gaia, as it were) to be useless or “counter-environmental.”

    The nice words for this are subjugation and murder.

    We should not be the slightest bit surprised that the Environmentalists will join the ranks of the mass-murderers because they, like the socialists that they evolved from, basically see productive humans as livestock to controlled and used. They see us creatures without a right to live.

    There’s a proper term for those who deny your Right of Life, they are properly called mortal enemies.

    [Broken link deleted]

  7. When I first watched the video via I completely misjudged his point and thought it was a parody by anti globalwarmers showing the increasingly sickish mindset amongst the believers. I was stunned when I realized just the opposite and of course, it was all the more scary. Edgy dark humor is putting it polite in my opinion considering the growing intolerance of their movement over the years. So, I just wanna say Mark I really can relate to your feelings. Peal it back and these people are pretty darn bad in their superior-mindedness. I don’t feel like a hypocrite in my values to wish them the very same as they would… upon the rest of us non-believers.

  8. Boy, if there is any doubt that the leftist movement has evolved from the support of extreme ‘socialist’ regimes into the environmental movement this leaves no doubt. Since they lost almost all of their footing in trying to win the world over by force they resort to this? Wow, buy gold, oil, ammo and dig in because they have no where else to run after this.

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