A Few Words From Linda Paey

Last week, I mentioned that the Court of Appeal in Florida had rejected Richard Paey’s appeal of his 25-year sentence for taking too much pain medication.

Richard Paey’s wife left a comment on that post:

The denial of Rich’s appeal was devastating news to our family. We were shocked to see that they allowed this conviction to stand. What does this say about the other cases that pass through that office? Why isn’t this offensive to those who hold positions of influence? What needs to happen before officials act to stop overzealous prosecutors from inundating our prisons with nonviolent offenders. I have lost hope that justice will ever come to us in a Florida court.

Linda Paey

This is so depressing. According to Technorati, Windypundit ranks number 20,670 in the world of blogs. How desperate is Linda Paey to have even found my blog?

(While discussing this with my wife, it occurred to me that if it somehow helps Linda Paey to know that people like me are writing about her husband’s plight…maybe this blog is doing some good in the world.)

Richard Paey was having a hard life. He had a back injury from a car accident which was made worse by unsuccessful surgery. He had multiple sclerosis.

And then some cops and a bastard of a prosecutor decided he needed to be taught a lesson.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be Richard or Linda Paey. Actually, I can imagine, just a little, what it would be like to be Linda Paey. I can imagine a SWAT team busting in and forcing my wife and I to the floor of our own home. I can imagine my wife’s fear and confusion and my anger. And then…I can’t go any further. My imagination fails me, and my will to imagine such horrors fails me. The Paeys are living through something I don’t even want to thing about.

I get angry on behalf of the Paeys every time I encounter this story. How is it that stuff like this can happen in America? As she says, “Why isn’t this offensive to those who hold positions of influence?” Heck, why aren’t there mobs with torches marching on the courthouse?

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