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Dear Ms. Malkin,

I don’t really know who you are, but it’s all over the blogosphere that you are apparently upset about this picture of you in a bikini:

Actually, I see you’re claiming that isn’t a picture of you. You’re saying it’s a fake. I believe it. After all, why would you lie about something like that? It’s not like it’s pornographic or even nude. It’s just a bathing suit.

Yet your reaction was…interesting…

The idiots are so blinded by hate they can’t see a two-bit Photoshop from some hater’s bogus Flickr site? And they couldn’t bother to ask me before attempting to embarrass me and calling me a slut?

You embarrass yourselves.

Rather than demand that they take their lying lies down, I am asking that they leave their smears up for all the world to see.


I am also filing a complaint with UNC School of Law Professor Muller’s employer. Here’s the dean’s contact information. This has gone too far.

Wow. Um, Michelle…as LeShawn Barber says:

By the way, even if the photo were genuine, posing in a bikini is not the same thing as being a skank.

Which is sort of a good point.

Yet here you are, acting like it’s a terrible thing they’re accusing you of. Wearing a bikini. I mean, I can tell there’s some history there between you folks, but how is a fake picture of you in a bikini a sign of hate? In this later posting, you even talk about suing.

I think your sarcasm detector is a little out of spec.

On the other hand, you seem to be drumming up a lot of traffic for your attackers, and all of it over accusations of a slight character imperfection on your part. In that spirit, I’d like to draw your attention to this exclusive copy of an Olive Garden restaurant receipt proving that on the evening in question you left the waitress a measly 6% tip:

Note that the waitress in question has signed and authenticated this copy for for me, which is proof positive that it’s real.

I am eagerly awaiting all the page hits I’ll get when you respond.


Mark Draughn

[Update added July 2009: I can’t believe I have to make this explicit, but I guess enough time has passed that the context has been lost and people no longer remember how silly this was, so let me make this plain. The photo is fake. We know this because people have found the original image that had a different head. The receipt is even more fake. I know this because I created it in Photoshop to poke fun at the whole issue.]

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  1. I think the more amazing thing about this bill is the fact this anorexic, slant eyed troll, sucked down (4) Miller Genuine Drafts with her Chicken Parm w/o cheese.

  2. I’m driven to post this because for some reason your link to this picture is still at the top of Google’s priority list. I can’t even give you the benefit of the doubt, since you yourself linked to the blog piece , but if you didn’t have what seems to be an unduly venomous attitude towards Malkin you might have noticed that it wasn’t so much the bikini picture she was complaining about, but the discussion attached to it, among other things calling her an “ignorant slut” and a “hypocrite” for commenting on the sexualization of young girls – which point the professor even seemed to agree with – while supposedly “cavorting around like a common hussy”.

    The associated comments arising were mostly of the caliber of your own poster here who calls her an “anorexic, slant eyed troll”. I can only imagine what public reaction there would have been if a right-wing site had referred to, say, Connie Chung in that way. Are you really proud of linking to, and hosting, this level of discourse? If you disagree with Malkin’s opinions why can’t you just debate them?

    As a postscript, I’ll note that the professor actually acknowledged his error, apologized and removed his post out of respect for the actual owner of the bikini. Will you do the same?

  3. Let me start by saying I agree completely that the racist and sexist insults of Ms. Malkin are reprehensible—there’s no need and no excuse for that kind of talk—and the threats are criminal acts.

    Similarly, I was pretty sure the photo was a fake and that the people who had been using to call Malkin a hypocrite were wrong. Even if it was real, posing for a photo in a skimpy bathing suit may have been cause for scandal a century ago, but it doesn’t mean anything today, and there’s no reason to impune her morals because of it.

    Still, I thought she was over-reacting. Not just, as you point out, to the discussion, but to the photo itself, as if she, like her attackers, thought it scandalous. So I tried to create an equally-shallow parody scandal around her tipping habits. It seemed humorous at the time.

    Finally, I won’t be removing this post. It’s a legitimate commentary on an issue of its day, and the photo is necessary to understand it. Also, as a matter of policy, I don’t want to re-write the history of this blog. It is what it is. I may not stand by everything I wrote, but I’m not going to pretend I didn’t write it.

    I certainly don’t stand by the comments I didn’t write, but I like to leave in even the assinine ones (like “Fe” above) as an example of their own stupidity.

  4. If Malkin wanted to be photographed in a Bikini thats her business and nobody elses to decide to fake a photo. Whats wrong with you people? Do you hate soo much?

  5. Hey Buzzz, are you sure it’s the Homosexuals who slamming poor Ms. Malkin? They’re a sneaky bunch to be sure, but have you considered blaming the Jews? Or that Queen of England who brother LaRouche keeps warning us about?

  6. I love all of the purple prose in both of the bloggers’s posts…

    Actually, that is sarcasm…

    Why can’t people think critically and address the issue or issues rather than:

    “left the waitress a measly 6% tip:”


    “The idiots are so blinded by hate they can’t see a two-bit Photoshop from some hater’s bogus Flickr site?”


    I have left no tip before, but I have left as much as 25%. My tip depends on the service, so I don’t know that we have enough information to determine WHY she left the tip she left OR that the Malkin on the receipt was, in fact, the blogger. It certainly might have been, but I don’t know that…

    Don’t assume… Lets point out the weaknesses and the assumptions we are making. You see, I think that if you have to spin it, you shouldn’t be selling it…

  7. I guess it’s no longer obvious because the context isn’t well-known anymore, so let me make this plain. The photo is a fake. We know this because people have found the original image that had a different head. The receipt is a fake too. I know this because I created it to poke fun at the silly non-issue controversy caused by the photo.

  8. you are all a bunch of libtarded trolls.. the whole point is that you socialist cok suckers have to resort to lies and deceit to besmirch anyone with a differing opinion due to the fact that you lack the intelligence and logic to debate real facts.

  9. I have to agree with JR here. If my service is good I leave whatever dam amount I feel is fair period.Maybe the service is ok but the food sucks, therefore I won’t be held up for more money either.Yes the pic is a fake, I knew that on first look. Just the fact that folks have to waste time making these pics is idiotic.Hatemongering, liberal sheep that are too ignorant to debate intelligently , love this crap.After all if you are too lazy to work, and want the gov’t and taxpayer to support you, you have lots of time for garbage like this.And as a little FYI, big mouth smartasses, Malkin is very smart and I would like to seeany liberal debate her on ANYTHING, period. But this won’t happen, all the guttersnipes and ignorant trolls run and hide when confronted with real facts,while holding their hands out for more handouts and “Hope and Change” no matter the fact that it is all a b/s scam. 2010 is coming and so are we .

  10. I applaud this Blessed Beauty for voicing her “Conservative” opinions, as I’m also one of them!.
    She is a “no nonsense” woman and has her “political priorities” all in order!…
    “Conservatism” is the only logical platform that will continue to make Americaa the best ever in this whole world.

    I’d most surely would vote for her as President of the USA which will never happen, and
    what a shame that is!..

    Michel Malkin is the very BEST of the BEST!..

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