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“A pastor walks into a bar…”

Is it? Could it be? Oh my God, it is! It’s Lutheran-Themed Humor! The last time I saw this was when Woody on Cheers was getting married! Hey, that consubstantiation stuff is pretty important, but dead elvis has a point: I spent 13 years in the Lutheran school system, learning about Lutheran history and doctrine, […]

The Wealth Un-Race

Over on Left2Right, Don Herzog is talking about equal opportunity, using a race as an analogy. Not that I object to his conclusion, but I’ve never liked the race analogy because it can be misleading. Wealth is not a race, or at least not a normal one. A race is about more than just a […]

Gleeful Battering

The Gleeful Extremist is bitching about the fact that federal employees leaving work are perfect mugging victims because everyone knows they’re not allowed to bring weapons to work. I think I have a solution. After 9/11 a lot of people realized that disarming airplane passengers had a bigger downside than previously believed. But what weapons […]

Tommy Thompson’s Tips for Terrorists

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson might be a good administrator for all I know. Certainly his earlier work on Wisconsin’s welfare system showed that it was possible to reform welfare without putting poor people through hell. But I’ve never found him reassuring when it comes to bioterrorism. Which is a little ironic, when […]