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Pete Guither, Jew

Over at Drug WarRant, author Pete Guither is writing about unexpectedly making the news. He endorsed Tari Renner for the Illinois 11th district, over Jerry Weller, the incumbent, because Renner’s drug policies are better than Weller’s. Weller, for example, thinks it’s a great idea for the federal government to harass and imprison patients taking medical […]

Close Enough for Government Work

Steve Landsburg points out that a miscount in the upcoming election wouldn’t be the disaster that some people want us to think it would be. I felt exactly the same way last time. No matter which candidate you think won the election, the worst case is that we got the second best guy running instead […]

Of Books and Oranges

Over on Marginal Revolution, Steve Landsburg is wondering if there are too many books and says something a little strange: Writing a book is not like growing an orange. If you grow the best orange in the world, the second best orange still gets eaten. But if you write the best book in the world, […]

Soggy Computers

Virgina Postrel’s laptop just got soaked and appears to be dead. I’m something of a computer geek, and several friends have come to me with just this problem. I know what to do about this, but the knowledge is apparently useless: everybody first tries turning the computer on to see if it will work. This […]

Avril Lavigne, Watch Your Back!

Orin Kerr speculates on possible pre-election attacks on America by Al Qaeda: I think it’s somewhat less likely than it used to be that Al Qaeda would try attacks focused on killing lots of people or destroying symbolic targets. The U.S. response to 9/11 taught that the U.S. isn’t going to back off its policies […]