Monthly Archives: March 2003

Damn the Media!

TWELVE YEARS we’ve been bombing Iraq…and Chicago’s WGN cuts off the last 15 minutes of Angel to announce the explosions in Baghdad. It wasn’t even a scoop: they just rebroadcast the CNN feed.


I called them at (773) 528-2311 at the time to complain. It’s all recorded messages at that time of night, unless you press 5 to get the breaking story tip line. Since it was the news department that pissed me off, I didn’t feel bad bothering them.

Been busy…

I’m in the process of converting this site to use XML and .NET because I’m a programmer by trade and I want to learn how.

However, I’ve had an actual paying programming job for the last month, and that’s used up all my spare time so I can’t update the site.

I’ll be on hiatus for a while…