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Fidel Castro Wins Again!

Fidel Castro got re-elected. He was among 1808 winners in the latest Cuban election, all of whom ran unopposed. The folks who run Cuba apparently expect observers to believe that the lack of opposition in the elections is a sign of solidarity. My favorite quote: Castro maintains that Cuba’s elections are more democratic than those […]

The Lying Game

Am I the only person who’s hoping that when Joe Millionaire finally chooses one woman and reveals that he’s actually poor, she reveals that she’s actually a man in drag?

Brave and Courageous.

Others have already mentioned the unfortunate shooting of undercover police officer Lisa Ramsey in Fort Worth. Public accounts are still incomplete, but it looks like she or some other officer made a buy from a crack dealer outside a convenience store then came back when he was inside to arrest him. Not wanting to have […]

Allegedly on Death Row.

Illinois Governor George Ryan is preparing to commute the sentences of most of the inmates on death row. This is probably a good thing, as Illinois has had to free a surprising number of condemned prisoners who later turned out the be almost-certainly innocent. Not just technically not guilty, mind you, but really innocent, as […]


To the two or three of you out there reading this: Sorry. Actual paying work has been occupying so much of my time that I barely have time to keep up with my reading, let along writing something. The good news is that I’m off of Blogspot. Also, I’m planning to convert all this to […]