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Death in Chicago

Slate‘s Eric Klinenberg writes about the worst U.S. natural disaster of the 1990’s, at least in terms of the loss of life. It wasn’t the Northridge quake or Hurricane Andrew. It was the heatwave that hit Chicago in July of 1995, killing 739 people. If this doesn’t ring a bell, welcome to flyover country. Klinenberg’s […]


Yet more proof that the feds are wasting time instead of fighting terrorism: Our U.S. postal service (the people whose response to Anthrax contamination of their facilities was to immediately send a piece of mail to everyone) is now wasting time prosecuting a South Carolina college student for allegedly selling used underwear on a web […]


Welcome to my blog. I’m a software developer living in Chicago. I’ll be talking about government, guns, software, news, economics, warfare, driving, and whatever else suits my fancy. I would like my postings to have the intelligence of Virginia Postrel, the wit of UThant, and the posting frequency of Instapundit. Instead, I’ll probably get the […]