Unclear on the Concept

How Should Ted Cruz Judge People?

How Should Ted Cruz Judge People?

I’m not going to try to defend Senator Ted Cruz, but… Because I hate unsearchable text in images, let me repeat that: “It’s interesting Ted Cruz is off to pay respect to the 1st South African black president & yet shows such a profound lack of respect for his own.” – Lizz Winstead Quick question […]

Getting Important Information Out There

I don’t normally write about the blog marketing annoyances, but this one deserves a comment. Mark Bennett received a request from someone (I’m guessing this guy) asking for permission to repost some of his stuff: I have recently started a blog and would like to cross pol­li­nate with peo­ple such we your­self who obvi­ously see […]

Don't Blame the TSA Shooting on TSA Critics

Don’t Blame the TSA Shooting on TSA Critics

Saw this from Steve Marmel: Marmel’s contribution is these parts: Ginning up hate against the TSA and the government has consequences. Thanks, Tea Party. This blood is on your hands. Fuck you, Steve. I’m not in the Tea Party (whatever that is these days), but I do believe the TSA routinely violates our rights, and […]

If Aliens Came...

If Aliens Came…

Saw this on Facebook the other day: Well, yeah, we probably would declare the aliens persons and give them money if they also Generated all the energy we consume. Manufactured all the medical devices that save our lives. Grew all the food we eat. Designed and manufactured all the clothes we like to wear. Created […]

In Which Bill Otis Laments That We’re So Soft On Crime

I should be finishing up the next part of my dissertation on Radley’s book, but for some reason I dropped in on the Crime and Consequences to see what Bill Otis was saying. He was on a rant: In a speech to the ABA about a month ago, the Attorney General denounced the criminal justice […]

Saw this on Facebook the other day. What an odd mixed message...

Strange Anti-Bullying Messages

So bullying people into being anti-bullying…that’s a thing now? From Facebook: Yes, I realize this is not technically bullying. It’s more like wheedling or nagging or whining. But I thought the message and the following exhortation were oddly in conflict: Be nice to other people…but if you don’t re-post this then you’re a douchebag. This […]

Another Sign That the Anti-Bullying Police Force Might Not Work Out

A few days ago I pointed out that there is a certain irony in the fact that criminal anti-bullying laws would mean that the police are in charge of stopping bullying. Here’s another example of how well that might work: Nineteen-year-old Pullman, Washington, resident Andrew Cain took his own life on Saturday. Now his sister, […]

Bullys Beware!

The town of Monona, Wisconsin has had enough, and from now on, when kids are bullies, police will issues violations to their parents. As far as I know, most anti-bullying laws — even with the current level of moral panic — are directed at forcing school districts to adopt specific disciplinary policies designed to discourage […]

ICE Agents Got That Can’t-Throw-People-In-Jail Blues

My previous post on immigration discussed the Obama administration’s proposal for immigration reform. I wasn’t thrilled with it, and I laid much of the problem with the abusive use of power by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. So now today I read that Chris Crane, president of the ICE employees’ union, wants its agents […]


So, a six year old schoolboy makes the shooting gun gesture with his finger and the idiots at the Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland decided to suspend him. They’ve now backed down, but there is apparently some controversy over whether he just pointed his finger or whether he also said “Pow!” Here’s […]

A Brief Note to Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierreNational Rifle Association of America11250 Waples Mill RoadFairfax, VA 22030 Dear Wayne, I just received your letter of July 18, 2011 inviting me to your upcoming American Values Leadership Forum at the end of September. I must say, the guest list looks like a conservative all-star lineup — Michele Bachmann, Haley Barbour, John Boehner, John […]

In Which the TSA Picks on Someone Smarter Than They Are

Jonathan Turley links to yet another story of TSA idiocy: The family was going through security when two TSA agents singled Drew Mandy out for a special pat down. Drew is severely mentally disabled. He’s 29, but his parents said he has the mental capacity of a two-year-old, which made the experience that followed at […]

Five Half-Assed Ideas From Michael Moore

God, Michael Moore is such a partisan freak sometimes. Here are his “Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets”: 1. Immediate Wall-to-Wall TV Ads, Internet Videos, and Appearances Hammering Who the Hell Put Us in the Misery We’re In. That would be George Bush and the […]

Three Badgelickers Explain Why You Shouldn’t Make Videos of Cops

Radley Balko has been covering the issue of citizens who take videos of cops and get arrested for it. It’s only illegal in a few states (including Maryland and Illinois) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get arrested for it anywhere. In Radley’s latest piece, he interviews two prosecutors and the head of the Fraternal […]

I Am Not An FBI Agent

This is the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, of which I am not an employee or representative: I am not trying to deceive you into thinking I am an agent or representative of the FBI, nor am I trying to assert any authority, FBI-like or otherwise. No matter what those goofballs at the […]

A Pleasant Alternative to the Things Unsaid

This bit of embarassment to my whole gender has already been shredded here and here and here, so let me just offer a constructive suggestion: Dear Anne, Congratulations on your wedding day. I wish you and Robert all the best. Kind regards, Andrew Would that have been so fucking hard?

Of Whores and Holes

If you’ve ever spent time editing digital audio recordings, you know that they can become hard to understand when you compress them just a little too much… (The story follows a short commercial.)

A Warning From a Violent Man

Radley Balko points out that former president Bill Clinton has an ugly editorial in the New York Times. It’s the anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people. Clinton goes through the motions of mourning their deaths, but then he moves on to casting blame: Finally, we should never […]

Republican Liberty Caucus FAIL

Radley Balko once again demonstrates his total awesomeness. Actually, Radley’s not all that awesome, it just that his opponent at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois is incredibly stupid. He accuses Radley of padding his resume by falsely claiming to be a biweekly columnist for Forbes.com, and then demonstrates that a search shows only two […]

“An honorable place to work”

Media mogul Ted Turner, being interviewed by Tom Brokaw: MR. BROKAW: You met Vladimir Putin when he was just an aide to the mayor of St. Petersburg. …most people see not in his eyes a soulful person, but the eyes–three letters, as someone has put it: KGB. That he is… MR. TURNER: Well, he had that […]