I’m Sorry, But I Simply Can’t

Over at Defending People, Mark Bennett is explaining to lawyers how to decide when to reject a potential new client, and what to do about it. I have developed, and I suspect that most criminal-defense lawyers develop, an intuitive sense for when we shouldn’t take cases. I get myself in trouble when I ignore that […]

Hiding from Satan’s Radio

I’ve read several articles about the Texas school district being sued for their policy of forcing students to use an ID card embedded with “tracking” technology. The religious freedom angle seems dubious at best (though in Texas you never can tell), but I was surprised by the number of people worried about technology to “track” […]

There Will Be Turnabout, Bitches

Congratulations are due to Democrats and various big government liberals now that the Supreme Court has now given its approval to the most controversial parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Of course, none of this would have been necessary if the Democrats had been honest enough to pay for affordable care […]

PSA – Vaccines v.s. Candy From Strangers

I’m pretty sure the anti-vaccination crowd is seriously deluded. Some of them are so scared of vaccines that they prefer to give their children immunity to diseases the old fashioned way: By giving them the disease itself. The usual way to do that is with a “pox party”: Wait until one child in your circle […]

The Non-Myth of the Innocent Civilian

One of my more useful sources of things to blog about is Ethics Alarms, where professional ethicist Jack Marshall regularly blogs about a variety of current events from sports to politics to economics. This alarms some of the lawyers who read my blog, because they say that contrary to what he’d have you believe, Marshall […]

Inter Auto Glass

Someone broke into our 12-year-old Dodge Neon. I can’t really say when. It’s our second car, and it’s been parked in the street for the last week or so. I just happened to drive by it yesterday morning and noticed the mess. And actually, “broke into” maybe be overstating it. The driver’s side window was […]

Scattershot 2011-03-30

Random shots around the web: A very cool photography theme: Reenacting old photos of people. I don’t know who Veena Malik is, and I’m probably missing about 95% of the context, but I enjoyed seeing this this attractive woman schooling the scary cleric I’ve been meaning to link to this handy chart of radiation exposure […]

The Republican Response – 2010 – For Real This Time

I’ve been commenting on the President’s State of the Union address on and off for a few years now. I do it for three reasons: (1) to force myself to read the actual speech so I feel more involved in the civic process, (2) to pad out the blog, and (3) because everyone else is […]

It’s About Damned Time!

Mary Beth Buchanen resigns. Radley Balko explains why she was one of the worst prosecutors in the country. This was one of the items on my Obama freedom scorecard, although I don’t know how to tell if he gets full points for forcing her out or if she’s just preparing her inevitable run for office.

Small Government v.s. Law Enforcement

Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Brian Tannebaum asks us “Why do conservatives apologize for the government?” But there is a more disturbing trend in conservative thought when it comes to criminal justice. Maybe it’s not a trend, just more visible with the advent of blogs and online comments on newspaper websites, but it appears that conservatives […]

Lights Out

The lights went out around 12:15 last night. Some people talk about how nice it is to relax and do nothing while the power is out, but for me, losing electrical power is like losing a limb. When the power failure hit, I was sitting in front of the computer working on a couple of things […]

Obama’s Getting Alinskied

You’ve been hearing about it:  Democratic representatives, home on the August recess, are — at least some of them — holding the traditional “town hall” meetings to hear from voters in their districts. And some of them are hearing yelling.  Lots of yelling. The folks on the left have a simple explanation:  this is a […]

Another Fight With Movable Type

So there I was, writing a short post about something, when I needed to embed an image. I cliecked the “Insert Image” button in my Movable Type blogging software, uploaded the image, and…it wouldn’t let me create a thumbnail image. Thumbnailing is done by the Perl Image::Magick module and, sure enough, when I checked Movable […]

Lori Drew Acquitted…For All the Right Reasons

The case against Lori Drew has been dismissed (more or less) by the federal judge who was hearing the case. This counts as very good news…but not exactly wonderful news. For those not following the case, Lori Drew used MySpace email to play a cruel trick on a teenage girl named Megan Meier, who killed […]

Mike and Me, Part II

[No, this isn’t a repeat of this episode of “Mike and Me,” from a couple of years ago. More on that at the end. This article, slightly tweaked, is crossposted on TrueNorth, my LiveJournal and on the Forum, as well as here, where comments are welcome.] *ring**ring**ring* “Joel Rosenberg.” “Will you hold for Commissioner Campion?” […]

Fatal Distraction

I just read a story in the Washington Post that’s going to stay with me a long, long time. It’s by Gene Weingarten, it’s brilliantly written, and it will break your heart. You have been warned. The story is about people who have accidentally left their babies in their cars in the heat, with fatal […]

The Amherst Stabbing Case

Well, I’m lazy, and don’t want to replow the ground that others have already plowed; I’m more inclined to do a little freelance gleaning at the corners.  And since somebody asked, and I was writing on it anyway . . . So let’s start here, with the reporting on how Jason Vassell stabbed Bowes and […]

Pirates of Tenaha

You know how in third world countries a bunch of guys with guns will set up on a road and rob every vehicle that comes through? We have that here too, except they’re run by local governments and call themselves the police. Law enforcement authorities in this East Texas town of 1,000 people seized property […]

Rubric, Meet Rationale. Play Nice, Why Don’t You?

The blogosphere — and blawgosphere — is abuzz today over the partial conviction of Ryan Frederick yesterday.  That is, I guess, a bit like partial conception, or only being a little screwed, but let’s get back to that.  Rather than recap — I’m lazy, and not getting paid by the word here — let me […]

Nazi Zombies! Run!

Heh, this is a pretty cool trick: Authorities are miffed, and the news media naturally found people to speculate on how dangerous it could have been. In addition, Austin police are investigating the situation, and the vandals could face a Class C misdemeanor charge of tampering with a road sign, Whatever. This is a classic […]