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Celebrity Crime Roundup: Whoopi on Vick, Craig

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve been cleaning up my backlog of unpublished posts. I often start to write about something and then discover that I have nowhere to go with it. I’ve deleted most of those posts as there’s no way to salvage them. Sometimes, however, I just have trouble finding enough time […]

Sarah Brady Scares the Teachers

Sarah Brady just sent me this.  Other than deleting the recipient’s name — I don’t want to let out the pseudonym I give Sarah so she can dun me (unsuccessfully, I’ll add) for contributions — I haven’t added or deleted anything, except a little bit of emphasis.  (Okay, okay; I also added the picture.)  Let […]

Obama Freedom Scorecard

I’m trying to put together a freedom scorecard for the Obama administration—stuff to watch out for over the next 4 to 8 years. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Discrete things Obama can do to make us more free: Stop the federal government from raiding medical marijuana users and suppliers End warrentless wiretapping Allow needle […]

What Can You Expect to Learn In School?

The latest micro-storm to hit the legal blogosphere started simply enough with Gideon’s nearly harmless post on “10 things I didn’t learn in law school.” I thought the worst item was #5: That law review leads to document review. If you want to do real work, take a clinic or something. That’s a case where the priorities […]

Notice Anything Different?

I’ve made a few small changes in the layout of the blog. I got tired of the rounded corners on everything, so I got rid of them. I also changed the structural relationship between the right sidebar and everything else on the page, and I changed the way the pieces of the header fit together. […]

A Taste of Future Shock

My wife and I got my mother a Tivo DVR this Christmas. It was a calculated risk. My mother is in her 80’s and doesn’t like learning to use new stuff. On the other hand, she has a VCR which she manages to use, but she gets confused about the whole tune-the-TV v.s. tune-the-VCR issue, […]

The President Who Stole Christmas?

George Bush is such a tool: WASHINGTON – The pardons President George W. Bush granted this week couldn’t have been better Christmas gifts if Santa himself had delivered them. But a Brooklyn, N.Y., man, Isaac Robert Toussie, received the legal equivalent of a lump of coal. Toussie, convicted of making to the Housing and Urban […]

Spreading the Love

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Murray Newman used to be an Assistant District Attorney at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center until today. He backed the wrong horse in the last election and was the victim of a political firing by incoming District Attorney Pat Lykos. Newman had been told today would be his last day, but […]

The Congress That Stole Christmas

Well, not quite, but this isn’t good. After last year’s problems with lead paint in children’s toys, Congress passed new laws to regulate the industry. Without changes to strict new safety rules…mom-and-pop toy makers and retailers could be forced to conduct testing and labeling they can’t afford, even if they use materials as benign as […]

When It’s Time to Collect…

I’m not as upset as some people about Chrysler taking out an ad in the Wall Street Journal to thank us for the money. Sure, they’re thanking us by spending $100,000 of our own money, but really, that’s a drop in the bucket. Besides, they’ll pay it all back, in theory. On the other hand, […]

Time to Give Something Back?

Hey Readers! With overnight shipping, it’s still not too late to get your favorite blogger something special! Widgets

The Mos Eisley of the Blogosphere: a Tribute to the Chicago Cops Over at Blogspot

Honest, I really wanted to like these guys.  After all, in a little corner of their blog they proudly proclaim (albeit in small letters): When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. (SCC supports Concealed Carry) Warms me boyish heart, it does. Then again, it would. But, well . . . take a look […]

One Letter Too Far…

Eric Wallace at Illinois Review just suggested that the next U.S. Senator from Illinois should follow what he calls the “L.I.F.T. Principles for governing.” The acronym stands for: Limited Government Individual Liberty and Responsibility Free Enterprise Traditional Values Ah, the old libertarian-conservative schism is still there.  He had me through L.I.F. but then he had […]

Happy Chanukah

These eight days ain’t about candles performing beyond their published specs.

“Big Boomers” and “Vest Busters”

I don’t make this stuff up, you know.  So, here we go again. For those who came in late, let’s go back to the Assault Weapons Ban.  Passed in 1994, the feature of it that drew most attention from people who don’t own guns was the ban on the importation, and manufacture of some scary-looking […]

Banned in 2008

I normally let Reason magazine promote their own videos, but I thought I’d post this sad reminder of how often, and in how many ways, some people want to prevent other people from having fun.

Solving the Auto Industry Crisis

I’ve been wanting to write a bunch of posts about the crisis in the auto industry and why I think a bailout is a bad idea, but I haven’t had time, so here are a few quick observations. Automakers are not like power companies. One of the arguments for bailing out the financial sector was […]

A Telling Mistake

In a New York Times story, writer Monica Davey describes the governor of Illinois this way: Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich is a polished speaker who can win over elderly women at luncheons in southern Illinois with his earnest attention and eloquently recite historical anecdotes from the lives of the leaders he says he most admires… […]

Of Shooting Galleries And Gun-Free Zones

Jennifer Abel is a brilliant libertarian writer and master of the devastating observation: You know those amusement-park shooting galleries where you use an air rifle to knock down multiple rows of moving mechanical ducks? The way they work is, you shoot at the targets all you want, and none of the targets can shoot back. […]

In the Bookbag: The Cure for Our Broken Political Process

I just received a review copy of The Cure for Our Broken Political Process: How We Can Get Our Politicians to Resolve the Issues Tearing Our Country Apart by Sol Erdman and Lawrence Susskind which purports to tell us how to fix our government so that our leaders will spend less time fighting with each other and […]