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RIAAx2, Illegal Checklists, Penis Police, and the Worst Prosecutor of the Year

Random shots around the web: When the revolution comes, can somebody make sure that these RIAA jerks are the first ones up against the wall? Seriously, I’d probably vote for any presidential candidate that will pledge to screw the recording industry into the ground for this crap. Improving medical care may be illegal if you skip the stupid paperwork. If […]

Sex Sells

Looking through the server logs for Windypundit, I noticed that my bandwidth usage was up to 40 gigabytes this month, which is pretty high. A little investigation showed that just over half the bandwidth consisted of this stock photo from last year: That photo was served to the web 170,000 times this month. Since Windypundit […]

Thinking Outside the Box to Grow Your Criminal Law Practice

I know that a few criminal defense lawyers read this blog, so as a service to them, I’m going to take this time to explain an exciting new 3-step process for building a successful private practice. Step one, start law firms that focuses on an area of criminal law such as traffic offenses or DUI, like Virginia […]

A Little Something to Keep You In Good Cheer This Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again. I know I’m going to be too busy with Christmas to post much myself, so I want to try to amp up my stats without doing a lot of work. Last year’s sexy Miss Santa post seems to have earned me a few hits, so I’ve decided it’s […]

Why Your Cable Television Stops Working…

Hello Joe Monster Visitors

I was just looking through my site logs, and I’ve got almost a thousand hits today. However, I think some of you are being disappointed by a link to my main page. If you came here from this page at Joe Monster, then you probably want to check out this page.

The Undesirables are Already Here

Go read this first-hand account of Icelandic citizen Eva Ósk Arnardóttir’s visit to the United States. Because she overstayed her visa by three weeks in 1995, she was refused admittance, meaning she had wasted the cost of her flight. Then she was detained, photographed, fingerprinted, questioned, searched, refused access to someone from her nation’s embassy, […]

Welcome to the Planet of the Apes

I’m fascinated by the conservative obession with evolution. On Illinois Review, Jill Stanek quotes with some approval this statement by Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee: If anybody wants to believe they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it. I don’t know how far they will march that back. But I […]

I, Rudy

If you think I overstate the dangers of a Giuliani presidency, check out the cover The American Conservative uses to promote it’s article about Giuliani’s grind-our-enemies-under-our-chariot-wheels foreign policy.   I ought to admit here that I tried to read the article, but it was kind of a boring analysis of various people’s influences on Giuliani. (Hat tip: Hit & Run)

An Unbearable Lightness of Brains

I speak, of course, of our Congress. They’ve actually gone and outlawed the light bulb. Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. I don’t want to alarm you. They haven’t gone and outlawed all illumination, they’re only after your conventional incandescent light bulbs. They still want us to buy energy efficient compact flourescent bulbs. You know, to save energy. I have no […]

Criminal Lawyers, France, Dogs, Navy to the Rescue

Random shots around the web: Still not too late to send in your nomination for Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year 2007. One more reason why it must suck to live in France: It’s illegal for Amazon to deliver books for free. In old New England, if your neighbor’s sheep seemed disturbed, it was a […]

The Profession of Journalism?

Kip links with some derision to an op-ed by journalism professor David Hazinski about the trend toward citizen journalism. Kip, who has other unkind things to say about the piece, quotes this bit: Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people “journalists.” This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel […]

Evolution, Faith Rainbows, and Eminent Domain

Random shots around the web: Some scientists think the invention of agriculture was so revolutionary that it made us humans start evolving really really fast. For example (if I understand correctly) lactose intolerance is not a defect. Rather, the ability to digest milk long after infancy is a recent mutation that hasn’t spread to the entire species yet. […]

Something For Me To Ponder…

A couple of weeks ago, Windypundit was getting about 300 visits per day. I just checked, and now it’s getting about 400 visits per day. Apparently, the less I post, the more popular I become.

No Enjoyment of Life

It must be a week or three since Norm Pattis blogged this, but I’ve been meaning to say something, and it might as well be now. Norm starts with a hypothetical call about a wrongful death suit from a potential client: He had bronchitis. The doctors failed to diagnose it on time. As a result, he died; […]

Speed, Elves, and Campus Speech Codes

Random shots around the web: Speed Racer movie trailer. It’s got everything and everyone. Also in high-def. Make yourself look like an elf at OfficeMax.  Or, make other people look like elves. Despite decades of losing in the courts, campus speech codes are still out there. (Hat tip: John Ruberry)

Pervy Priests, FEC Speech Gestapo, Golden Compass

Random shots around the web: Is there anything creepier than child-abusing priests? Possibly the New York Archdiocese’s coloring book warning kids about the dangers of being alone with an adult. Asking the Federal Election Commission’s permission to speak about the candidates’ attempts to supress our freedom of speech. The God-and-Family folks are all worked up […]

Tin Man – Quick Review

[No real spoilers.] I just watched the entire 2-hour Sci-Fi Channel show Tin Man, and I have to say I liked it.  At the end, all four of the dreary characters journeying to the big city were clearly about to be killed by the witch. I like happy endings. What? Two more episodes? Yeah, right. […]

Poker, Good Samaritans, and Wartime Anthropology

Random shots around the web: Dallas police steal money from veterans. New York police go after the crime of finding someone’s wallet and being a little slow to report it. Lindsay Beyerstein has a fascinating post about the ethics of anthropologists working with the military.

Anatomy of a Journalism Mistake

No, this isn’t going to be about one of my mistakes, because I haven’t been caught in any of them yet, although you’re welcome to try in my latest story about the wild frontier of the 16th district. An Amtrak train collided with a freight train Friday morning in one of Chicago’s south-side rail yards. Reporting […]